Warner Early Learning is licensed to provide 150 placements over the two centres for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years of age.

Our Facilities


8 children from 6 weeks to 15months of age

At Warner Early Learning our Nursery rooms are fully equipped to provide your little one with the highest quality of care. Our rooms are designed to allow the flow of natural light into the play space and include a sleep room which ensure that sleep and rest are availabe when needed. We respect the routines established by our families and maintain communication with parents every day on their child’s growth and progress. The children enjoy many opportunities to learn through play and regularly enjoy playing outside in their own place space. 


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10 children from 15months to 2 years of age

Our Toddler rooms were built to provide bussy toddlers with more than enough room to play comfortably. These space are flooded with natural light. We provide opportunities for our Toddlers to grow and learn through our play based curriulum. Our toddler children have to opportunity to play and explore the outside world in the large playspace that they share with all their friends


Junior Kindy

12 children from 2 to 3 years of age

Our Junior Kindy rooms are a fantastic place for your children to grow into knowledgeable young people as they learn to take on more independence in their learning environments. The Junior Kindy Children are actively involved in the layout and selection of resources that present in the space. 


Senior Kindy

21 children from 2.5years to 4 years of age



24 children from 4 to 5 years of age

Our Kindergarten room is the first step in formal prepartion for Prep at school. Both Kindergraten rooms at Warner Early Learning provide a Queensland Government Kindergarten Funded Program that is run by University qualified Early Childhood Teachers. With large play spaces that are transformed to reflect the interest of the children, our Kindergarten rooms offer the best start to a child's schooling journey. Speak to us today to find out how you can be a part of our amazing Kindergarten Program that is formulated on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines


Indoor Area

Our indoor areas each have their own themes and decorations appropriate to the age groups. They are designed to stimulate the children's senses and curiosity to learn

We provide your children a variety of learning experiences and aides and all of our educators are highly qualified professionals with an on-going commitment to educating young children.


Outdoor Area

Our double centre has two large play areas for our children aged 2 to 5 years of age, with two smaller play areas for the children ages 6 weeks to 2 years

The children love to play in the sandpits and there is lots of equipment for children to climb and explore including a fun and refreshing water park. There are also lots of shaded areas outside for the children to enjoy and we are very conscientious of our sun smart policy.


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