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At Warner Early Learning, we are committed to delivering optimal, customised child care and early learning activities.

At Warner Early Learning we recognise children have a natural sense of curiosity and each one has unique talents, capabilities and aspirations. The Warner Early Learning community nurtures these characteristics by providing a stimulating, healthy and caring environment where children can flourish in their development.

We understand that children learn best through play-based activities. In conjunction with the Australian Government Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and our 'Play and Education for Success' based programming we encourage children to become involved. They are able to challenge themselves and develop their capabilities with interest based activities guided by our passionate Educators.

Our Staff


Nominated Supervisor

Joe Blo


Assistant Director

Roxy has been working with children for the past 14 years and is passionate about building strong connections between our service and the community. 
As well as supporting our team, Roxy enjoys using her creative talents in her photography business.


Nursery Room | Warner 1

Paige has been in the early childhood industry for 3 years, and has enjoyed this time at Warner. Her favourite part of her job is watching children learn and grow. In Paige’s spare time she loves to shop!


Nursery Room | Warner 2

Kerri is a mother of 2 beautiful children and has been working in the early childhood education and care industry for 20 years. Kerri loves the smiles on children’s faces when you build genuine strong attachments with them. Kerri entered the industry with a desire to make a difference in a small person life and their families. When Kerri is not busy here she loves to read and walk her dog. 


Toddlers | Warner 1

Jessica has been working with children for 5 years and thoroughly enjoys developing learning opportunities for each individual child. Jessica loves to promote active play and engages children in outdoor experiences. This is a passion of Jess’ as she also loves being active when she is at home or with friends. Jess also has a dog that she enjoys spending time with and walking regularly. 


Toddlers | Warner 1

Ever since leaving school Emma has pursued a career in Early Childhood. Emma has experiences working with children from birth right through to grade 7 and has even been to London to work with children. 
Emma loves every minute working with children and enjoys watching them grow and achieve many different milestones. Outside of work, Emma loves watching movies, catching up with friends and family and going to Yoga. One of Emma goals is to learn how to play the guitar. 

Lauren M

Toddlers | Warner 2

Lauren has been in Early Childhood for 6 years and has been with us for the past 2 years and loves coming into work each day to bond with the children. Having a strong relationship with each child and their families is a high priority for Lauren. In addition to this Lauren enjoys watching the children grow and make positive choices in their lives to become independent people. Lauren also enjoys cooking and catching up with her friends.


Toddlers | Warner 2

Rhonda has 11 years’ experience and really enjoys spending time with children to nurture and play with them while building strong relationships with their families. Rhonda has children of her own that have grown up and enjoys spending time outside of work with them. Rhonda has also recently taking up hiking on the weekends. 


Junior Kindy | Warner 1

Amanda has worked in the early childhood sector for 8 years, and has been with us at Warner for 4 years. Amanda loves seeing the children learn and develop, she creates an amazing program to extend on the children’s learning. In her spare time she loves scrapbooking, and spending time with her partner and baby boy.


Junior Kindy | Warner 1

Tamara has 6 years’ experience working in the Early Childhood sector and has been able to work in all age groups. Tamara loves to get creative in messy play with the children as a way to develop sensory awareness. Lauren also enjoys allowing the children to challenge themselves in play to assist them build their own self-assessment skills. Tamara’s motto is: Children should be supported to develop the skills to enable life-long learning. 
Tamara loves to travel and explore other cultures when she can. 

Lauren Turner

Junior Kindy | Warner 2

Lauren has been with us for the past 3 years and loves watching the children grow and develop into individuals. Lauren enjoys support children to learn new skills and become confident people. In her spare time Lauren catches up with her friends and family. 

Nicole F

Junior Kindy | Warner 2

Nicole has been working in the Early Childhood industry for 5 years now. Nicole is a mother to 4 beautiful children and enjoys spending every spare moment with them. Nicole loves to provide enriching environments for all children that implement teaching of sustainable practices. Nicole’s passion extends through to connecting children with culture in her daily interactions. 


Senior Kindy | Warner 2

Lenieve is the lead educator of our senior Kindy room. The best part of her job is when she can watch the children grow and learn. Knowing she is a part of their learning journey makes her job rewarding. Lenieve is married and has 3 boys of her own. On  the weekends Lenieve enjoys spending time with her children at all of their extra-curricular activities. 


Senior Kindy | Warner 2

Victoria has been with us for years and says that the best part of her job is that she can interact with children and watch them discover new concepts while playing. Victoria has strong bonds with all the children in her care and feels this is what makes her job all the more rewarding. Victoria is also a mum to 2 amazing children who even came here for early childhood education. On the weekend Victoria is a dedicated mum and wife and spends her time with her family. 

Nicole N

Kindergarten Room | Warner 1

Nicole has been with us for the majority of her time as an early childhood educator. As an educator, Nicole believes that families and teachers need to be active participants in a child’s learning for them to reach their full potential. In her space time, Nicole is busy playing soccer and spending time with her family. Nicole is the proud mother of beautiful baby girl and enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband.


Kindergarten Room | Warner 2

Lorraine has dedicated the last 15 years of her life to the early childhood industry. Prior to joining our team, Lorraine was a relief teacher for local school and has used this experience to assist our Kindy children in the smoothest transition to school possible. Lorraine enjoys working with preschool aged children as they learn so quickly and the difference in their abilities from day one to the end is very exciting to watch. 


Centre Cook

Deb is the resident chef here at Warner Early Learning. Deb absolutely loves to cook for children and seeing their sticky fingers and faces bring a smile to her face and so much joy. At home Deb loves to cook for her family and enjoys being outside in the garden. Deb also has a passion for all thing craft and enjoys doing this when she depends time with her grandchildren on the weekends.  


Warner Early Learning Float

Belinda has been with us for the past 6 years and is passionate about children’s learning environments. Particularly, Belinda is passionate about music in early childhood and loves to sing and dance with children.

Belinda is a mum to 2 children and loves spending time with friends and family at the beach or playing netball. 


Warner Early Learning Float

Carolina joined our team after completing her vocational placement she completed during her studies. Carolina enjoys working with children because it gives her joy to watch them develop.  


Warner Early Learning Float

Courtney love’s early childhood and believes that working with them every day and seeing their smiling faces is the most rewarding part of her job. In her spare time Courtney is handing out with friends. 


Kindergarten Room | Warner 1

Lauren Mc

Warner Early Learning Float


Warner Early Learning Float

Rowena has been in early childhood for approximately 14 years. Rowena enjoys her role as an educator as she enjoys watching children develop through nurture and education. Rowena also has 3 children and enjoys spending quality time with her family. 


Warner Early Learning Float


Warner Early Learning Float


Warner Early Learning Float


Senior Kindy | Warner 1

Kirsty has been in the industry for 8 years and in her time has enjoyed building relationships with children. She enjoys assisting children in her care to develop life-long skills. Kirsty spends her free time watching moves, catching up with friends and going to the gym. 


Warner Early Learning Float


Warner Early Learning Float

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